Elizabeth Stover

Author, Curriculum and Instruction Expert, Educator

...& "Newbie" Work-at-Home Blogger

Here I go again...

Here I go again...starting down the road to blogging and perhaps branding my image as a professional author, education subject matter expert. A year or so ago, I was sure that was the direction I wanted to go...but my chosen paths to that end at the time, did not make me happy. What did make me happy was landing a professional, full-time, at home writing contract job! I continue in that profession...and love it!

So why the online portfolio/website/blog? For one, I feel like there are a lot of parents and others with needs to work from home that do not believe it is possible to replace a full-time professional job with an at home job of the same salary. You totally can! I have learned a lot this past year ... and just want to pay it forward and be a resource for anyone else wanting to find the joy I have in doing what I want, from where I want, and making an excellent income for my family. 

I also feel the need to stay diversified and have a few side gigs active. For one, I want to stay current and relevant. I also want to have insurance should the writing dry up in my 40 hours a week job. I am no longer interested in selling products on a teacher site or anything else that does not make me as happy and fulfilled as my subject matter expert/author job does. Do not settle for anything less than what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, for any longer than you have to, should you be starting down the work at home path! Opportunity is there...but you are going to have to work to find it. This life is well worth the effort!

As I sought out author side gigs, I realized a portfolio and some sort of online presence is necessary for this day and age. Since I'd always wanted to blog and this amazing site offers the best of both worlds (portfolio and blog) in one package...well, HERE I GO AGAIN!